Thursday, May 3, 2007

Well, hello, boys and girls

My shop is right where Rogers Park and Edgewater come together. Or split up, whichever you prefer.

Me and this part of town go way back. I have sat at Panini Panini with a bottomless cup of stale coffee and a bottomless pack of Camels. I celebrated the arrival of 1994 in an apartment on Columbia, right off the frozen beach.

I also used to go to Donald Duck's on Ridge - a hot dog joint where you could get a Polish and, if you noticed the handwritten sign, a plastic cup filled with jug wine. Donald Duck's disappeared so long ago, I honestly can no longer remember where it used to be.

Perhaps me and this part of town go way too far back. Back to when Donald Duck's was still standing, when I smoked and drove my car everywhere. Nowadays, I walk or ride a bicycle, and everything appears different when you do those things. Now I see the cute pocket playlot on Lakewood. As someone mired in a big construction project, I appreciate the hardware emporium down on the corner with Clark. I am also loving the fresh bread baked at Devon Market. You can buy it, hot and delicious, even late in the evening.

I love city neighborhoods and how they allow to dump the car and eschew all the familiar national chains, if only for a little while. You can already do a lot in this neighborhood, except get a cup of coffe. That is where I come in.


Anonymous said...

I think it was just "Duk's" and it stood on the corner of Ridge and Clark where an inn did previously. There was a Lincon-Douglas debate on the porch of the inn back in 1858. Who needs culture when you can get a $0.99 hot dog? ;-)

So we're glad to see you in the neighborhood!!!

Please post some photos of the interior!

Anonymous said...

As a 4.5 year resident of this neighborhood, I concur, we are very excited to see you opening in our neighborhood. Looking forward to sipping on double espressos in the near future!!

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