Monday, June 18, 2007

July 6th

That's right - Friday, July 6th is when we are going to have our Grand Opening. Actually, we have no plans for it to be particularly grand. It will be no more grand than every subsequent day in the life of Stella Espresso Company, but also no less.

We will be opening at 6:30 am, so you can get your morning latte on with us before your grueling two hour Red Line ride downtown. Make sure you tell everyone on the train where you got it.

We will stay open until 10:30 pm, so you can come in for a late evening double espresso fix before you hit whatever it is you hit at night - bars, clubs, the library, the all night dungeons & dragons session, what have you. I am sure you know what your scene is, so you can let Stella be your launching pad.

Don't forget - Friday, July 6th, 6:30am to 10:30pm, corner of Devon and Lakewood.


Meljo said...

I, for one, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I am VERY excited to have Stella Espresso in the neighborhood! I hope that you will have a committment to serve fair trade, organic coffee whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

If I am the first customer in that morning, can I have a free large 2 percent mocha? Or, failing that, can I give you your first dollar and you can hang it on the wall with my picture?


Anonymous said...


If you dress like George Washington and wear a powdered wig, then YES! you can put a picture of yourself on the wall!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stella Espresso,

I hope you're really opening tomorrow or I'm going to be a very unhappy, very uncaffeinated young lady.

...and then I'll go to Metropolis :)

Sincerely yours,
your neighborhood friendly college student

P.S. You better have fairtrade coffee.

P.P.S. and good soymilk.

yay stella espresso! whooooooo!

Pavel Yusim said...

We are absolutely opening tomorrow, and we have some Direct Trade coffee (from Intelligentsia), and soy milk as well. Stop by and caffeinate yourself!

Anonymous said...

that'll do ;) see you tomorrow and good luck with your big day!

Anonymous said...

Please save some of that soy milk and decaf beans for your very pregnant friend who plans to come in tonight from far away suburbs ;)

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