Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mystic Coffee

As I was trudging down the alley off Devon after midnight last night, loaded down with about a ton of trash, I spotted a book lying on the pavement. A hardcover, no less. I bent down, trying to read its title without spilling the junk I was carrying. It was a long title, and I couldn't focus on it at first in the dim back alley lighting. But when I finally did, I read 'The Man from St. Petersburg'.

That was quite eerie, because, you know, that would be, since this is where I grew up. Now, what might that mean? Should I treat it as a good sign or a sinister omen? Is there a hidden message in this cheap (albeit hardbound) edition of one of many of Ken Follett's historical thrillers? Oh no, not the Kabbalah again! Right.

At the end, I decided to take it as a welcome mat of sorts. The thing is, I broke a mirror inside Stella the other day, so I think this was the spirits of the building sending me a message: "Don't you worry, dude from St. Petersburg, that was just a crappy old mirror, and we are still 'thrilled' that you are here."

On a more practical note, if this is your book and you want it back, you can pick it up at Stella.


Anonymous said...

Have you picked an "opening day" yet??

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