Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Got Yirgacheffe

After several weeks of pushing strictly blends, we have decided to start featuring single-origin coffee again.

So, this weekend, our dark roast is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It comes to us straight from the town Yirga Cheffe (coincidence?) way down in southern Ethiopia. That is what the term 'single origin' refers to. With single origin, the brew you are drinking comes from one place, much like a wine. The opposite of that would be a blend, such as the Black Cat Espresso, or anything offered by Juan Valdez.

According to Intelligentsia, the Yirgacheffe is spicy and deep. According to me, it has some fruit notes, but my crude palate cannot quite distinguish what they are. Basically, it's pretty damn good.

1 comment:

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